Server Rules

1.1. You are not allowed to insult any participant of our project, because you should show to anothers participants a good education, but if this will happen Staff Team or Administration team will take a final decision what you deserve in this situation.

1.2. You are not allowed to use any cheats, bugs, and even to try to add prohibited files in our client, because our team will check everything very carefully, and we will have a section in our forum, where you can report them.

1.3. You are not allowed to lie our Administration if they will ask you something, you should answer with full of truth in your words. If any participant of our project will be catched, this is very stricly, and prohibited.

1.4. You are not allowed to insult, and to show disrespectful communication to our Administration, this is prohibited, you should show a mature comportament, and to act in situations like a very well educated person.

1.5. You are not allowed to distract attetion of GM's when they are focused in Events, this is prohibited in our project.

1.6. Public statements about leaving the game and other statements of a destructive nature that could entail negative consequences for the development of the Game Portal are prohibited. Unfounded criticism of the administration’s actions, expressed in order to discredit the Game Portal, and not to improve its quality, is prohibited.

Administration / Project

2.1. The administration does not need your password or game stuff..

If someone asks you to give a game item or an account password, this is not an administrator. The administration does not need your game items or password. The administration does not return any missing characters or missing game items. We do not change passwords on accounts, do not roll back if you were robbed or allegedly robbed. Protect your property and your characters yourself. Beware of scammers!

2.2. The administration is never intimidated or threatened.

The administration never threatens the players with a ban or other actions. If you violate the rules of the server, you will be punished fairly. If you haven’t violated it yet, but are close to it, the administration can warn you that you behave within the rules. Only to warn, but in no case to threaten. If someone threatens you with a ban or something else, then this is most likely a scammer!

2.3. The server administration reserves the right to:

Block any user account temporarily or permanently without giving any reason, refund or compensation if we deem it necessary. Moreover, we reserve the right to delete all player accounts or the game property of his characters in case it is deemed necessary.

2.4. The administration can shut down, restart, modify the server without notifying the players.

The administration does everything necessary to maintain the server in working condition. But to improve and modify the game, sometimes it may require reboots or temporary server shutdowns. The administration will try to inform the players on the site or forum about the planned technical work.

2.5. Guaranteed performance of the game project.

The project is free and demo. The administration does not guarantee the full performance of certain aspects of the game, and also does not guarantee their correction. The return of items or any other game values, the loss of which was due to technical problems or the imperfection of the game content, is also not guaranteed.

2.6. Dispute with the Administration.

Any decision of the Administration is fair and competent. Decisions of the Administration are not discussed.