GangstaMu Online Project.

GANSTA is a Project wich already is relased, this is season 6, but is modified in season 3, this means less bugs.
I hope you will try our server, and I hope, this is the right place where you can grow up with us, and where, we will find capable persons to work with in improvements.

Hosted: Germany.
Exp: 9999XP.
Drop: 80%.

Max Stasts: 32767.

  • ☻ Automatically Reset System in Lorencia.
  • ☻Decent NP's in our Game.
  • ☻Box +1, Box+2, Box+3, Box+4, Box+5. All in our Shops.
  • ☻WhebShop is in our Game, and the command is /donate
  • ☻ Very Good PvP Balance.
  • Friendly Staff Team.
  • Very Good Anti-Cheat System.
  • Awesome Rule System.
  • Community Forum is Awesome.
  • "Come, and Play with US"

We are offering a really a nice opportonity to growing with us, and to work in improvements with us.
I hope you will click the right button, and you will join In The Best Mu Online Server.
Thanks for your attetion, and our Project is wishing to everybody a GOOD DAY!


08/11/20 00:11

GangstaMu Events.

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